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Indonesia’s Annual Data Protection Summit

Welcome to Indonesia’s Annual Data Protection Summit – a must-attend, free online event that focuses on safeguarding data security in Indonesia! Taking place on Thursday, 14 December, this summit is themed around ‘Safeguarding The Effective Implementation of PDP Law: Public and Private Sectors Perspectives’, featuring valuable insights from key exclusive industry sectors.

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DPR Resmi Sahkan UU Perlindungan Data Pribadi

CNN Indonesia, Jakarta – Rapat Paripurna DPR secara resmi mengesahkan Rancangan Undang-Undang tentang Perlindungan Data Pribadi (RUU PDP) pada Selasa (20/9). Pengesahan itu diambil dalam Rapat Paripurna DPR ke-5 Masa Persidangan I Tahun Sidang 2022-2023. Rapat…

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ASEAN Space Programs – History and Way Forward

The role of space science and technology in fostering sustainable development has always been cited as the raison d’etre for a country to embark on a space programme. For ASEAN countries, the situation is no different. This book clearly shows that they are embracing this important concept: all ASEAN countries are using space science and technology, at the very minimum for monitoring resources, and,…

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Pelatihan DPO Bersertifikat 2024

28-30 Mei 2024 – Pelatihan Pejabat Pelindungan Data Pribadi Bersertifikat. Klik di sini untuk informasi lengkapnya.

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