Social Interactive Media Tools and Knowledge Sharing: A Case Study


Purpose: Social Media Tools (SMT) have provided new opportunities for libraries and librarians in the world. In academic libraries, we can use of them as a powerful tool for communication. This study is to determine the use of the social interactive media tools [Social Networking Tools (SNT), Social Bookmarking Tools (SBT), Image or Video Sharing Tools (IVShT), and Mashup Tools (MT)] in disseminating knowledge and information among librarians in the Limerick University, Ireland.

Methodology: The study was a descriptive survey. The research population included all librarians in Glucksman library. A questionnaire survey was done to collect data. Statistical software, SPSS16 was used at two levels (descriptive and inferential statistics) for data analyzing.

Findings: The findings show that the mean (out of 5.00) of using each of SMT in sharing knowledge by the librarians of Glucksman library is as the following: SNT (2.49), SBT (2.92), IVShT (2.99) and MT (2.5). It shows that most of their interaction related to share of image or video.

Originality: SMT provides an excellent platform for the exchange information between students, faculty members, and the librarians themselves. The Glucksman library at the University of Limerick is using this technology. This paper gives an example of how using these tools in the field of Library and Information Science in Ireland. The issues expressed could be beneficial for the development of library services in general and knowledge sharing among librarians in particular.

Keyword: Social Networks, Web 2.0 tools, Social Media Tools (SMT), Sharing knowledge, Librarian

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