Should Algorithmic Decision-Making Be Regulated?

Marini Sulaeman
Indonesian Certified Data Protection Officer
VP of Legal at GND Cyber Solutions SG

Algorithmic decision making is the use of knowledge generated by algorithms to make or inform decisions (Yeung, 2018:507). Example of algorithmic decision making is analyzing the likelihood of success of a new hire based on their resume.

Algorithmic decision making has several branches, but it can be distinguished between code based decision making and data-driven decision making. Code based decision making is built based upon the concept of “if X occurs, Y action should be taken.”

Data-driven algorithmic decision making is based on more advanced technology i.e machine learning. In many cases, big techs are using algorithms to influence or to change the behaviour of the individuals to meet a prespecified goal.

While innovation and technology move in the speed of light, the legal response is trying to catch up the pace. The question I would like to present is, should we regulate algorithmic decision making? If yes, how?

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