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Pelatihan Pejabat pelindungan Data Pribadi Bersertifikat 2022

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Kata Mereka Tentang APPDI

APPDI is the right course for knowledge of DPO
Syaiflullah Nilam Putra
XL Axiata - Lawyer
Taking the training and certification test from APPDI had been an eye-opening experience. It helps me realize the scope of work needed in order to get my company ready for the coming regulation. More importantly, it taught me the mindset needed to be able to provide and protect our users' privacy. I highly recommend the course for anyone who wants to understand the impact of privacy protection both from regulatory as well as business point of view.
Dickie Widjaja
Investree - CIO
APPDI provides first class information on Indonesia's progress on Data Protection Law, a field of law that is rapidly evolving. Our firm, Markus Sajogo and Associates (MS&A), have seen the growing concern from the public regarding personal data protection. Anticipating the enactment of data protection law in Indonesia, we understand that it is important to intensify our focus in this new field to be able to equip ourselves as a future-ready legal service provider. APPDI has succeeded in providing professional certified DPOs with comprehensive and in-depth knowledge related to Data Protection Law and I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in this modernistic field of law.
Kimham Pentakosta
MSA - Lawyer
I believe we can come to a common understanding that PDP is important. Although becoming certified DPO’s will not be easy, once we become one-especially skillful ones on this-the rewards will be great. This skill determines my carrier and future learning in academic areas. It has broadened opportunities for my career mobility with broader range possibilities worldwide. I am indebted to Prof. IBR Supancana and Prof. Abu Bakar Munir for their intellectual frameworks provided during the course, as well as APPDI for their continuous activities during and after the course, for the models I have cited the most in related areas. They are splendid instructors, and I am delighted to be able to showcase their work. A genuine thank-you.s to help learning process.
Fajar Sugianto
UPH and LPSKI - Lecturer,Advokat, Mediator, Senior Fellow At BIAMC
We are currently living in digital society. Going digital is inevitable for all businesses. Most businesses in the world process data related to people. These data are arguably one of the most important assets a business has. The internet giants such as Google and Facebook are the proof of it. As legal professionals, we must understand the concept of laws and regulations around data privacy and data protection as well as how it applies to digital decision making. Data Protection Officer training is essential not only for legal professionals but also for business professionals and executive who seek to gain knowledge in data privacy and protection.
Marini Sulaiman
Initio - Founder & CEO
Area pelatihan bagi profesi DPO yang prospektif, difasilitasi oleh pakar yang mumpuni di bidangnya dari Indonesia dan Malaysia. Di sini, peserta akan mendapat perspektif yang komprehensif tentang seluk beluk profesi DPO.
Binus University - Lecturer of Business Law
Robert Hasan graduated from Faculty of Law, Pelita Harapan University. His principal areas of practice include telecommunications, media and information technology (TMT), data protection, including regulatory work in the TMT and data privacy sector. Mr. Hasan also has significant transactional experiences in the areas of foreign investment, joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions in Indonesia. His practice also includes in supporting client’s commercial litigation works. Mr. Hasan is an active member of the Indonesian Advocates Association (Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia). He is a certified Data Protection Officer, where he has successfully passed the examination and become among the first members of Indonesia Data Privacy Professional Association (Asosiasi Profesional Privasi Data Indonesia (APPDI)).
Robert Hasan
IABF Law Firm - Senior Associate
DPO plays a fundamental role in ensuring the organisation’s accountability by creating an internal, additional layer of control over data processing practices.
Aimee Malik
Youtap Indonesia - Legal Counsel
Greetings from Bali. I joined the first batch of data protection officer certification program held by APPDI. Both speakers, Prof. Abu & Prof. Rahmadi , are expert on this topic and I can learn from their experiences on the topics. By joining this program, I can broaden my skills (both technical & operational) and knowledge regarding data protection in a comprehensive way. Once again, thank you Prof. Abu, Prof. Rahmadi, and APPDI for this opportunity.
Ida Ayu Manik Dyah Savitri
Ratio Consultant - Consultant
Mengikuti pelatihan tentang pelindungan data adalah hal baru yang pernah Saya ikuti. Disini Saya belajar dari 2 orang profesor yang profesional di bidangnya. Saya banyak sekali mendapatkan pengetahuan dan informasi terbaru di Indonesia maupun seluruh dunia. Dimana materi yang diberikan sangat komprehensif dan padat, Untuk penyampaian juga mudah dimengerti. Jadi tertarik yntuk mengikuti seminar/pelatihan dengan topik seperti ini lagi. Terima kasih Prof. Abu Bakar Munir dan Prof. Ida Bagus Rahmadi Supanca atas ilmunya. Saya berharap UU Pelindungan Data segera di sahkan sehingga data pribadi warga negara Indonesia dapat dilindungi sebagai mestinya. Terima Kasih APPDI
Endang Suryaningsih
PT Multi Utama Consultindo - Document Controller
It was so fascinating and impressive to join a Data Privacy Officer certification program held by APPDI. I was surrounded by a bunch of professionals and data-savvy persona in the region. I wish we could even work hand-in-hand for the progression of Data Privacy in Indonesia.
Doni Cahyono
Data Privacy Officer
Data pribadi adalah identitas diri, yang keberadaanya merupakan hak konstitusional warga negara. Ketidakteraturan mengenai hal tersebut menyebabkan kerugian bagi warga negara yang hak terhadap privasinya dilangkahi oleh pihak yang menyimpan data pribadinya. Saya Pejabat Pelindung Data Pribadi sangat prihatin atas banyaknya kebocoran data di Indonesia dan sangat mengharapkan regulasi yang Lex Specialis dan Komperhensif mengatur Data Pribadi dan diharapkan tidak ada lagi kebocoran data.
Muhamad Hilal
UPTD PPA DP3AKB Kota Balikpapan - Lawyer
Training DPO ini sangat bermanfaat untuk semua bidang pekerjaan karena pengelolaan data dengan baik adalah hal yang sangat utama saat ini untuk dijaga keakuratan, kelengkapan dan kerahasiaannya.
Vice President - Banker
APPDI has been one of the best mediator for online class during my experience in this pandemic situation. Not only they have the perfect speakers for the subject who have wide knowledge of main subject, they also willingly and able to answer questions that are outside of the subject. Not only the class that has great content, but also the test. Rather than a 100% theoretical test - which I usually get from other mediators -, APPDI's test really push myself to the limit and it really set the bar for the practical knowledge of the subject. In summary, I feel the experience I got from this session is really worth the time and investment. I'm looking forward for the next session from APPDI.
Yosia Alvin Amadeo
Ontrace (PT Sinergi Media Integrasi) - Associate IT Services & Operation Group Head
By joining the training of Data Protection Officer in APPDI, my cognitive science of Data Protection is developed. Here I understand more about how they Privacy Data must be protected and how the steps of protecting it. This training also help me to share all of my knowledge in Data Protection in many companies in Bali.
Ida Bagus Gede Indra Sukma Advaita
Ratio Consultant - Consultant
Saya mengikuti pelatihan ini pada bulan desember 2020. Materi yang disampaikan sangat komprehensif, mengenai ketentuan peran dan tanggung jawab pejabat pelindungan data pribadi dalam RUU PDP, maupun perbandingan dengan negara-negara lain. Pelatihan ini juga sangat bermanfaat bagi semua bidang pekerjaan. Dikarenakan, pejabat pelindungan data pribadi berperan penting, untuk mendorong kepatuhan di segala bidang pekerjaan yang terkait dengan data pribadi. Terimakasih APPDI
Ibnu Maulana Zahida
IMZ & Sedulur - Lawyer
Following the DPO training program opened my eyes that personal data protection is very important and being a DPO officer is a very promising job in the future. During the training, the participants were given very high-quality material with very informative and interesting presentations from Prof. Supancana and Prof. Abu Bakar Munir as the speakers. For those who are interested in the protection of personal data along with the details in it, I highly recommend you to join this training.
Wisnu Tikoariaji
Schinder Law Firm - Lawyer
Recently, issues regarding privacy and data protection in Indonesia have emerged. Through APPDI, I could comprehend and extend my knowledge about personal data protection. Also, this course provides a wide scope of information about data protection regulations from other countries.    I would recommend this course to all people whose jobs are related to data protection because this course helps to supply people with information and I took it while I did my research as an intern at AFHS LawFirm. Even though the Personal Data Protection Bill (PDP Bill) in Indonesia has not passed yet, there are many provisions related to the PDP Bill that are also explained in this course. Last but not least, I want to say thank you to Prof. Abu Bakar Munir and Prof. Ida Bagus Rahmadi Supancana who have answered all my questions briefly and completely.
Novita Cahyani
Legal Intern
Data pribadi merupakan hal yang memiliki nilai keekonomian yang sangat tinggi di era e-commerce sekarang. Untuk itu agar dapat memimalisir kerugian bagi pemilik data pribadi tersebut maka diperlukan regulasi yg konkrit untuk memberikan rasa nyaman bagi para pemilik data pribadi dan tanggung jawab bagi para pengelola data pribadi. Selaku pejabat perlindungan data saya siap untuk memberikan edukasi bagi para pemangku kepentingan demi terciptanya perlindungan data pribadi yang optimal.
Satria Braja Hari Andja
HS & Partner Law Firm atau Hariandja-Sianturi & Partners - Managing Partner
Perlindungan data di era digital saat ini dan di masa depan adalah hal yang sangat krusial. Pelatihan pejabat perlindungan data pribadi yang diselenggarakan oleh APPDI, memberikan ilmu terkait cara menjaga kerahasiaan data dan jalan keluar yang harus dilakukan ketika terjadi kebocoran data. Materi diperoleh langsung dari 2 orang Profesor yang ahli di bidangnya, yaitu Prof. Abu Bakar Munir dan Prof. Ida Bagus Rahmadi Supancana.
Gregorius Albert Anky Wibowo
Konsultan Hukum
The program that was delivered by APPDI was awesome. The facilitators were very knowledgeable and the sharing of experiences was great amongst all. The methodology applied was unique where the TEAM at APPDI gave ample time for questions and answers. The assessment at the end was absolutely superb where it challenged once ability to apply what was delivered. Wonderful program and the support from APPDI was awesome and beyond words. The materials given were excellent and very easy to follow. A truly remarkable program and a must attend for all those who want to practice in the space of Data Privacy.
Sanjeev Gathani
Master DPO
I really appreciate APPDI's initiative to organize the DPO certification in Indonesia. The training hel by APPDI was very effective and delivered by facilitators with extensive experience. The final exam is also very challenging, with simulations of cases that often occur in data protection practices. Since I passed the DPO certification held by APPDI, I am very confident that I will carry out my duties as a DPO with full compliance.
R. Yudha Triarianto
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